Network Monitoring System
ESD Continuous Monitor Status Display and Reporting

NMH-01 (41K)
To NetworkFrom AEI Network ESD Continuous Workstation Monitors

The AEI Network Monitoring System lets you connect up to 16 of the AEI Network ESD Workstation Monitors to a Network Monitoring Hub so that anyone on the network can view the status of the workstations. The AEI Network ESD Monitors include the AEI-ST020, the AEI-DT020, and the AEI-9202DM. The Network Monitoring Hub also displays the status of the Network ESD Monitors units on LEDs above the connector for each one. When they are connected to the Network Monitoring Hub, the Network ESD Monitors units are electrically isolated from each other and will perform the same as the standard units without the Network Interface. You can have as many AEI Network Monitoring units as you need on a network. This allows you to monitor as many workstations as you need in groups of 16.
Look here for a Sample Network Monitor System Display.

The Network Monitoring Hub also creates event log files that you can view or download thru the web display pages. A new log file is generated for each day. Each Network Monitoring Hub saves the last 30 log files.

NMH-Demo2 (66K)
Network Monitoring Hub Demo setup with Laptop Computer

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