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Network Monitoring System

Some specialized knowledge is required to install and configure the AEI Network Monitoring System. You may be able to just plug in and operate a small installation but if special cables must be made or the network configuration must be changed, you should call a network professional. The diagram below shows the connections for a single Network Monitoring Hub (NMH) and a single computer

nmh-setup (63K)

General: Installing the AEI Network Monitoring System consists of mounting and plugging in the Network Monitoring Hub (NMH) and the AEI Network ESD Monitors that will be connected to it. The AEI Network ESD Monitors will be on the workbenches where the operators can plug in their wriststraps and bench connections. The location of the NMH should be chosen so that you can run the cables from the AEI Network ESD Monitors to it and be able to connect to your local area network. You connect multiple NMH units the same as multiple computers to your Ethernet network switch/hub/router. See the diagrams below

Cable Lenths: The maximum distance for the Ethernet network cables is about 300 feet. The maximum distance for the ESD monitor cables is about 3000 feet. You should avoid running either of these cables near electric motors or other machinery that will create electrical noise in the wires.

Network: The NMH has a 10/100 Ethernet port on it to connect to your LAN. Standard Ethernet cable is used to connect the NMH to your LAN. The NMH will be accessed by it's IP address. The default address is If this must be changed to operate on your network, call your network installer or administrator. They should know what IP addresses can be used on your network. The default Username is "AEI" and the default Password is "NMS".

ESD Monitors: The cable used to connect the AEI Network ESD Monitors to the NMH looks like standard phone cable but it must wired correctly. Cables you would buy at retail for your home phone will NOT work. Stock length cables can be provided. If custom cables need to be made, they need to be 4-conductor cables and have the same color code and pin connections on both ends. Many "phone cables" for home use have the connections reversed. This PDF file shows how the cables should be wired.

nmhwgsetup (64K)

nmhNetsetup (64K)

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