Aratron II Electronics, Inc.
Network Monitoring System

The AEI Network Monitoring System consists of the Network Monitoring Hub (NMH) and the AEI Network ESD Monitors that are connected to it. The NMH gets status from the AEI Network ESD Monitors thru an isolated connection. This allows the AEI Network ESD Monitors to operate independently of the Network Monitoring Hub (NMH) as normal Operator and Workbench monitors.

Operation of the NMH consists of using your computer to view the status pages and view or download the log files that are generated each day. A set of web pages is provided on this disk to get to the pages generated by the NMH. The default Username is "AEI" and the default Password is "NMS". Click here to view the initial web page.

If the network configuration has been changed from the default configuration, these files must be copied to your hard drive and edited to use the new IP addresses. Include a link to each of the NMH units that you have installed.

The status display refreshes every 5 seconds to show the current status and time. Below the status display is the last logged changes.

The log files generated by the NMH include an entry for every change in status during the day. Nothing is generated during the power on sequence. Each NMH keeps the last 30 log files and deletes the oldest one when a new one is created.

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